What Is Law New?

law new

As the legal field evolves, lawyers are always looking for ways to expand their client base and create strategies that have not been used before. One such idea is law new, which refers to a new way of providing legal services that is not based on traditional methods and focuses on areas that might not be the focus of a standard law firm. While the concept may be hard to define, it is something that all firms should consider using to their advantage.

This bill would require City agencies that experience a security breach involving persons’ private identifying information to promptly disclose this data to the Office of Cyber Command and other relevant City departments, in addition to the person whose information was affected. It also would align the City’s data breach notification laws with requirements under New York’s SHIELD Act.

A new law is putting the spotlight on data brokers who collect, store, share and sell personal information of individuals online, imposing heightened privacy standards. The state’s new law follows a recent decision by the Federal Trade Commission to impose strict privacy rules on big-name data brokers, including those like Equifax and Credit Karma.

Prominent Kirkland & Ellis LLP trial lawyer Jim Hurst is back at the firm, just months after announcing he was leaving the firm. The move is the latest chapter in a long career that includes high-profile cases in the United States and abroad.

An American Alliance for Equal Rights lawsuit is pushing top New York firms Perkins Coie and Morrison & Foerster to change their fellowships to help bolster diversity. The lawsuit argues that the programs violate equal protection under the law, which requires that all people be treated equally and fairly.

In the past, litigation was often a last resort for those who felt their rights had been violated. But in today’s world of social media and instant communication, there are many more avenues to pursue a claim than ever before.

The Supreme Court is considering a case that could dramatically restrict abortion access by allowing states to prohibit doctors from giving patients the anti-abortion medication mifepristone. The decision could have a ripple effect that goes far beyond abortion.

The following are new laws that were enacted or changed in the most recent legislative session. You can filter by year or switch the year on the fly, as well as search for vetoed legislation. You can find more law and rule changes by visiting the Laws of the City website, NYC rules and NY statutes.