Types of Businesses

business news

Business news is a segment of journalism that tracks, records and analyzes the activities of individuals and organizations related to the economy. It typically appears in newspapers, magazines and radio or television-news shows.

A business is an organization comprising people who strive to achieve common objectives and goals, often through profit. Some businesses are large operations that spread across multiple industries around the world while others are smaller companies within a single industry.

The primary purpose of a business is to create and maintain a customer base, but it also has many other objectives that include: acquiring or making wealth; earning income; improving the quality of life; serving as an intermediary between people and goods or services; and providing public services.

Examples of business types are limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, corporations and partnerships. Various types of businesses can be found in different industries, from real estate to manufacturing to advertising and more.

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Regional Business News provides full-text regional business publications for the United States and Canada. It offers a wide range of resources from leading business publishers to help readers stay informed about the latest local and regional issues. These resources include full-text newspapers, trade journals and other sources from across the country and Canada.