What Is Law New?

Law new is a concept that is changing and expanding the practice of law. While it may be difficult to define, this type of work usually involves helping underserved communities in innovative ways and utilizing strategies that have not been a part of standard legal practice. This type of work often requires a team of people and can also involve a more flexible fee structure. Lawyers should pay attention to this growing area of practice as it is likely to continue to expand and provide many opportunities for the future.

NYLS Alumna Featured in Weil Quarterly

Alumna Molly Guptill Manning ’20 Evening was recently featured in the journal Weil Quarterly for her work with incarcerated women. She shares her experiences, advice to young lawyers and the importance of being a leader.

New York City’s Access-A-Ride participants filed a lawsuit against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority over practices that do not give them equitable access to the city’s transit system. Professor Penelope Andrews and students in the Clinic for Disability Law and Policy helped to file the suit.

NYLS Student Alumnus Joins Pollock Cohen Partner Steve Cohen ’13 as an Associate at the Firm

An NYLS student has joined the team of the prominent NYC-based litigation firm Pollock Cohen as an associate, and has already contributed to a number of significant cases in multiple areas of the law. Devon Carbado ’20 will focus on labor and employment, corporate, bankruptcy, and international disputes.

NYLS Dispute Resolution Team Wins First Runner-Up at International Competition

The Dispute Resolution (DR) clinic students, Natalie Klein ’24 and Austin LaBorwit ’23, competed at the ICC International Commercial Arbitration Competition in Paris, where they won the first runner-up award. The DR team is coached by Professor Deborah Goldsmith and assisted by NYLS clinical instructor Victoria Reis.

Dean Anthony W. Crowell Addresses Graduating Class

NYLS Dean and President Crowell addressed graduating students at the 131st Commencement Ceremony in front of family members, friends and supporters. Read his full speech here.

How Our Laws Are Made

New York State laws include the New York Constitution, statutes passed by the Legislature and codified in the New York Consolidated Laws, and decisions made by courts that interpret those statutes. New York State law is also affected by federal laws, including regulations and rulings issued by agencies of the Federal government.

A bill is a proposal for new or amended legislation and can be proposed by a member of Congress during their election campaign, after being elected to the Senate or House of Representatives, or by petition from individuals or groups of citizens. A bill can be changed as it is considered by committees before it is ultimately approved or rejected. Learn more about how our laws are made by visiting this online resource. Keep up with the latest developments in law with Bloomberg Law. Set up news alerts and gain access to the most trusted legal news and analysis, AI-powered workflow tools and Practical Guidance, all on one platform. Get started with a free trial today.