What Is Law New?

law new

Law New

The legal profession is a field that must be open to all kinds of ideas and strategies. One area where that has been happening in recent years is in the concept known as “law new.” It’s about offering the kind of help clients need but in a way that can serve as a secondary focus to the firm’s main legal efforts. It also means finding ways to do this efficiently and cost effectively.

New laws take effect when the Legislature passes them and the governor signs them into law. Some of these laws will have a broad impact while others may only apply to certain industries or affect a small number of people. This month’s new laws include:

How Much Does That Job Pay?

California lawmakers are working to bring more transparency to workplace pay. A new law will require that stores put salary ranges in job postings, but intense business opposition has blocked provisions to make the data available publicly. In the meantime, some specialists say the law will make little difference. But it’s a start. It’s also the first time that California has banned so-called “pink tax” pricing, which charges a higher price for products like shampoo marketed to women than its male equivalent. It’s the latest step in a long fight to achieve gender equality.