What is a Law New?

A law new is a rule that has been proposed, debated, and passed by Congress or another legislative body. The result is an official, written law that governs behavior within a society or country. Legislation takes many forms, including ideas for new rules (called bills), laws that are enacted by Congress and that become Public Laws, or Acts, once signed by the President, and laws decided upon by courts that interpret existing laws.

This bill would require City agencies to provide employees and job applicants with notice of federal and State student loan forgiveness programs. The Department of Consumer and Worker Protection will prepare the notice in consultation with other City departments, and it will be made available to City agency employees and job applicants on DCWP’s website.

This bill would amend the City’s data breach notification law to align it with requirements under the State’s SHIELD Act. It would also expand the types of information that must be disclosed to affected persons in cases where a City agency suffers a security breach involving personal information about them, and to the Chief Privacy Officer, the Office of Cyber Command and other agencies. This bill was introduced in the 114th Congress and assigned the House of Representatives number H.R. 10 and the Senate number S.