Types of News

What makes a good news story? People interested in various subjects are interested in various types of news, including Human interest stories, money and crime, Organizational model, and breaking news. Some news stories have been known for years; others may be newly discovered. There are many different types of news, making them worth following, depending on your personal preferences. Here are some examples. Read on to discover more about the different types of news stories. And as always, remember to share this article with your friends and family!

Human interest stories

While the majority of news is composed of breaking stories, journalists often write human interest stories on a more emotional level. When writing a human interest story, a journalist must adhere to a particular tone and structure, which will help to create a powerful narrative and emotional connection for the reader. Listed below are a few tips for writing an effective human interest story. Using these tips will help to ensure your human interest story is as powerful and well-written as possible.

Crime and money

Until recently, we were not aware of the high costs of personal crime, but a new study reveals that they now cost more than PS100 billion every year in the U.S. Its direct costs, including the money lost to victims, amount to 3.2 percent of the US gross domestic product. This figure is much higher than the $590 billion spent on the military and social welfare programs combined. Even if these crimes were excluded from the national count, they still carry huge costs. The researchers conclude that accurate crime costs will lead to more informed decisions regarding the way to protect the economy.

Organizational model

The N organizational model for news has several disadvantages. The central coordination mechanism of news production is largely replaced by a flat organizational structure, and decision-making power is transferred downward. The newspaper layout has specific chief editors in charge of direct operation. The management of human resources relies heavily on the judgment of the leader. The result is a centralized model of news production that is not conducive to decentralization. The N organizational model is thus problematic in many ways.

Sources of news

There are various sources of news. News agencies and government ministries are two major sources of information. When governments make decisions and issue press releases, they become news sources. Important court cases and judgments are also reported by the news media. Another major source of news is the telephone. People may call the newspaper offices after an accident or to share tips. News agencies and reporters may follow these tips. Listed below are the main sources of news. The sources of news vary across cultures.