New Law in New York

Law is an ever-changing profession and those who work in the field must be able to adapt to changes quickly. One such change is the concept of new law, a way to provide legal help in different ways than traditional firms might. Those who are working to create strategies that include this type of practice should be aware that there are many factors to consider in order to ensure success with their efforts.

A number of major new laws went into effect in the New Year in New York State. Some of the new laws include a reduction in the minimum wage for NYC workers, as well as protections for victims and survivors of crime. In addition, the life-saving measure known as Matthew’s Law will allow local pharmacies to distribute fentanyl and other drug adulterant testing resources for free. Other new laws focus on protecting tenants from security issues and ensuring the safety of their water supply.

The new year also brought in a number of legislation relating to student loans and housing. For example, Assembly Bill A7273 would require NYCHA to notify residents about the safety of their water, and ensure those contracted to examine water quality comply with all federal, state and local law. Additionally, the bill prohibits the installation of keyless security systems that can give access to building common areas without a tenant’s permission.

Another piece of legislation would amend City data breach notification laws, to make them more consistent with State law. The amendments would require City agencies to promptly disclose to affected individuals and the public the type of personal information involved in a breach, along with the circumstances in which it was compromised.

All of these examples illustrate the importance of keeping abreast of the new laws that are being passed in New York. Laws are a vital part of society and it is important to know how these new laws can affect your business, as well as the laws that will be in effect for the foreseeable future.