New Law and How it Affects You

Getting new law can mean that you need to make some changes in your organization. If you’ve been doing the same things, but you’re looking for a way to improve your operations, it’s time to look at some new law.

UC Law renovation

UC Law, the University of Cincinnati’s College of Law, will move into a new $45.6 million renovation of its former Lindner College of Business building. The new facility will house the school’s library, office and study spaces. This new space will be located adjacent to 800 law firms and community partners. It will also be located near the heart of the university’s Uptown campus. The renovation project was designed by Perkins+Will and BHDP Architecture.

The new facility will also feature a law library, state-of-the-art classrooms, and an auditorium. In addition, it will include below-market graduate student housing.

Providing legal services in entirely new ways

Providing legal services in entirely new ways is a top priority for many of our clients, especially in the legal technology space. A number of providers are looking to provide a holistic approach to addressing business needs, such as litigation support, legal technology, and specialized legal services. The benefits of such an approach can be a real boon for clients, especially in the legal space where the cost of litigation can be prohibitive for smaller businesses. Providing legal services in entirely new ways is not a new concept, but it has certainly taken on a new dimension.

Licensing of third-party food delivery services

Whether you’re an eatery owner or a consumer, you can’t help but be a bit concerned when it comes to third-party food delivery services. Aside from the fact that you have no control over how your food is delivered, there are many pitfalls to consider.

For example, you can’t be sure who’s ordering. What’s more, you can’t be sure your food is being delivered safely. Thankfully, there are new laws enacted in New York City last year that will help protect eateries and other food service providers from the wrath of third-party delivery services.

Sensitive places are protected by new law

Having recently passed a new law, New York has made it illegal to carry a concealed gun in a number of sensitive locations. These sensitive places include hospitals, schools, parks, public transportation, and government buildings. In the aftermath of the mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, state officials decided to strengthen the restrictions on carrying a concealed gun. However, the law has caused a lot of confusion.

A number of attorneys are challenging the new laws. They argue that the restrictions violate the First and Second Amendments. They also claim that the laws create too many restrictions.