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The law is the set of rules and regulations that governs behavior in a society. It includes constitutional, statutory, and regulatory laws, as well as case law and administrative decisions. CUNY Law offers a wide range of programs and opportunities for students to explore the law, from constitutional law and criminal law to international law, the law of the sea, and family law.

When a lawmaker introduces a proposal to change the existing laws, that is a bill, it goes through a process of research, discussion, changes, and voting before becoming a public law or statute (also known as an act). To better understand how our laws are made, watch this video.

To ensure that the public has access to information about how and why laws are amended or repealed, committee staff write a committee report on each bill passed by the committee. The purpose and scope of the bill, as well as a detailed section-by-section analysis of the proposed changes, must be explained in the report. Additionally, any executive communications regarding the bill must be included in the report.

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