Law New

Law new is a term for the many startups, tech companies and subsidiary legal services providers augmenting traditional legal services with products that are changing how we practice law. It is also a term for the increasing competition between these new businesses and traditional firms for business, clients and talent.

This article explores a number of ways that law is changing and some of the challenges that these changes pose for the legal profession.

A legislative proposal for a new law is called a bill. Most bills are introduced in Congress and have the form H.R. or S., followed by the number of the bill in the House or Senate (for example, H.R. 10 or S. 42). Generally, bills deal with issues that affect the public at large and become Public Laws, or Acts, when approved by both houses of Congress and signed by the President.

Laws of New York City

The Law Department contracts with American Legal Publishing Corporation to host a Web site on which the laws and rules of the City of New York are published. This website allows you to browse the laws of New York City organized by subject matter and view new laws and rules as they are enacted. New laws are added to this list as soon as GPO assigns slip law numbers and they are published in the Statutes at Large.