How to Write Newsworthy Articles


News is a report on a current event that has an impact on people. It is generally familiar or local and has a powerful effect. However, news can be abused, censored, and blocked by the government. Fortunately, there are some ways to combat the negative impact of news. Here are some examples.

News is a report of a current event

A report of a current event is often called news, even if it may be of an unremarkable nature. Topics covered by news coverage typically include politics, religion, the environment, entertainment, and education. However, news has also been reported on quirky and humorous events. From ancient times, news was merely a report of government proclamations, although advances in technology and social development have increased the speed at which news spreads.

It is familiar

As the next pope is chosen, 11 Americans are among the 117 cardinals in Rome. One is Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, who served as archbishop of Los Angeles for 25 years and orchestrated the cover-up of clerical sexual abuse in the city. Others are less familiar, but some of them may be more familiar to media mavens.

It is local

Local news is coverage of events in your community. This type of news has no national or international scope. Local news sources tend to be more localized.

It is timely

For readers, timely news is news that is relevant to them now. Old stories that were published several weeks ago may have new twists and discoveries that make them timely. Similarly, news about future events will have more newsworthiness as the time of publication approaches. In addition, news about important people is more likely to be timely than news about insignificant events.

It is a report of a current event

A report of a current event should be brief and to the point. It should be no longer than five sentences and should be related to the current event and its consequences. It can be a short excerpt from a press article or from a television or radio report. In either case, a full reference to the source and author should be made.