How to Find the Best Business News at the Library of Congress

A business is an entity that seeks profit from providing products or services to consumers and customers. Its activities may be conducted through a variety of means, including the exchange of cash or other assets. The word “business” can also be used in compound form to describe the vertical industry within which an entity operates, such as “the music business” or “the banking business.” Founded in 1792, the Wall Street Journal is one of the world’s oldest and most respected newspaper chains.

The WSJ’s coverage of business news is extensive and diverse, covering everything from global economic trends to local New York City business stories. Its writers and editors strive to cover important business issues that affect the lives of people around the world.

In addition to business news, the WSJ provides analysis of companies and their products, as well as profiles of key executives in the financial community. The newspaper also has a strong reputation for investigative reporting, and was among the first to expose the ethical lapses of former General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt.

Skye Schooley is a staff writer at Business News Daily who specializes in human resources content. She conducts research and interviews to create articles that help small business owners manage their workforces, foster workplace diversity and build a positive culture. Before writing for Business News Daily, Skye had extensive B2C experience performing content marketing and data analysis.

As a director of SEO at Centerfield, Andy Garcia has focused on scaling the business through organic search since 2020. His prior experiences as an entrepreneur and small business owner have taught him to be proactive and resourceful when it comes to growing his clients’ businesses. His responsibilities include building data pipelines and models, designing self-service dashboards and conducting data analyses that empower team members.

The Library of Congress offers a wide variety of print and microform business news sources. This guide focuses on national and international business news sources, but users who wish to find regional publications can consult the Guide to Periodical Literature for assistance. Those with questions about accessing specific titles can also contact Ask-A-Librarian for help.