Business News – Staying Ahead of the Game

The business world is often the source of fascinating stories. From corporate sex scandals to the decline of the sperm count, these stories are told in a variety of news outlets, including newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs. Regardless of the medium, these stories aim to inform readers about the people and events that shape the business world.

What makes something a business? The term “business” is used broadly to refer to an entity that exchanges goods or services for money. Generally, this is done in a pursuit of profit; however, businesses do not need to make a profit to be considered a business.

A business may be a company, corporation or partnership. It can also be a sole proprietorship or an individual entrepreneur who conducts business in the form of a side hustle. Depending on the industry, some businesses are small operations that focus on one product or service while others have sprawling global operations. Some companies, such as Apple and Walmart, are known to be massive in size.

Those who follow the news know about the major economic, financial and political events that affect the business world. They are also aware of the changes that occur in this world due to technology, cultural influences and other issues that influence commerce. The business world is complex and fast-paced, which is why it is important to stay on top of the latest business news.

Many business stories make headlines because of the actions or inaction of those in leadership positions. Personal greed, insufficient scrutiny of company affairs or a lack of sensitivity to public opinion can lead to disastrous results. However, few business leaders, thankfully, have been accused of deliberate fraud or wickedness. Most have been playing the game according to the new rules.

The following business news articles highlight the important aspects of these new rules.

A Guide to Business News

The Library of Congress offers a wide range of resources for researching business news. The primary focus of this guide is on national sources, but international coverage is available as well. The most useful resources can be found on our Business News page, which includes links to major business news outlets and a searchable database of more than 900 international business publications.

A Closer Look at Target Closing One New York Store Over Shoplifting

The retail giant’s move to shutter one of its NYC stores over shoplifting is a reminder that the business of capitalism has a dark side.

Why Nothing on Your Phone is Safe From Ads

Tech companies have figured out how to hawk their products in places you never expected. This raises serious privacy concerns.

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