Business News

Business news is the news coverage of economic and financial matters. This type of news can be found in the editorial sections of newspapers and magazines, as well as in specialized business-focused publications such as trade journals and industry guides. Business news may be national or international in scope, and may be focused on large corporations or smaller enterprises. The term business news can also refer to the overall process of making a profit or losing money in the pursuit of a goal, such as selling goods or services to customers or investors.

In a more narrow sense, business news can also refer to the business activities of individual people. Those who run their own small businesses or work as freelancers often focus on their business activities, as does the staff of larger companies that focus on marketing and other business-related functions.

The history of business news is tied to the development of capitalism, which began around 1700 with Daniel Defoe’s novels and later took shape with Ida Tarbell’s muckraking journalism on the Standard Oil Co. In 1882, Charles Dow established the first stock market index and newspaper publisher Edward Jones founded The Wall Street Journal. These pioneers paved the way for the thousands of business journalists that now cover the world’s economy and businesses.

While business news can be found in a variety of media outlets, it is most widely published in newspapers and magazines. General news sources will usually include business-related content but might not cover all aspects of the field. Specialized business-focused publications like trade journals can offer more in-depth news coverage of specific industries and may provide useful information to professionals working within those fields.

This guide was created by the Library of Congress to help researchers identify and evaluate resources for studying and analyzing business-related topics. This guide is not comprehensive; users are encouraged to search the full Library of Congress resources for business-related material, especially those listed in the Online Journal Guide.

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